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Assignment # 1: The Elements of Argument & Analyzing Them in an Article by Michael Crichton

claim – A claim is apart of an argument; it is a statement that needs proof to be accepted as true.
support – support is evidence and reasons that helps prove the claim to be reasonable.
evidence – evidence is the facts and information presented to support the claim.
explanation – explanation is the breakdown of the evidence and support to tie them into the claim.

1. I think is argument is true in the 1st page but the rest didnt work out as well. Crichton speaks about secondhand smoking being unharmful and banning DDT was disgraceful along with all efforts to stop the carbon dioxide release into the air is a waste of time. It made me feel like he was trying to stop conservation and just continue pollution because its a waste of time.

2. Crichton’s tone is argumentative, he states that he feels how people live their lives to be “sympathetic to the biosphere”. He tries to make the reader feel like their time is wasted as they live their lives to try to prevent global warming and other enviromental problems.

3. Crichton’s main claim is to decide what perceptions are gunine and what is false. Crichton then uses enviromentalism as an example to show mankind’s mistakes.

4. Crichton supports his claims with facts, articles, and his own experiences. His evidence supports his claims well but theres no citations.

5. I do not accept his reason for not citing his sources. It will hurt his argument for not offering citations which would validate his facts and evidence he used to support his claim.

6. His arguement is strong but it is not strong enough because of lack of citation.

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