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Computers have been advancing quickly and doubling in speed about every other year according to Moore’s law. Computers and technology has also become more fustrating as it advances, for instance installing simple optical drives and having it not be detected. Technical support is not very good for many manufactor’s since alot of them are now outsourced and hard to understand. People with old technology like what they have since its not broken yet and when it is everything is not compatible with everything. For example, switching from windows 98 to windows XP or even vista. Another problem with technology is that companies tend to produce their product too fast that quality control is low and usually is defective such as the Xbox 360′s red ring of death or ipod touch’s screen that shows differnt colors. Repairing these devices has also become expensive, like a basic diagnostic can cost up to 200 dollars or when buying new computers it wont include a word document.

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