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daylights savings

Its that time of year to spring foward ! an hour ahead on Monday March 10th, at 2:00am. Many will lose an hour of sleep but gain an extra hour of daylight. The sun will now set later which means it will be darker in the morning shifting the sunrise a bit later. Daylights savings was recently changed from its orginal dates to accomdate the changes of attempting to conserve more power by allowing more daylight during the day to reduce the usage of lighting in homes and street lamps on the roads. Many people woke up this morning feeling rushed or out of sync and tired, that occured to me today as i woke up and my clocked was not changed for daylights savings. I rushed to get ready for work on sunday morning and ended up skipping breakfast to avoid getting yelled at by a supervisor or manager. The day eventually got better as i chewed energy bubble gum a fellow co-worker gave me to wake me up. The next daylight savings in fall where we fall back an hour are my favorites since everyone gains an hour of sleep or an hour to complete a task while gaining more daylight.

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